Orange County Education Foundation General Scholarship Fund​

The Orange County Education Foundation (OCEF) is building an endowment to support its General Scholarship Fund. The Foundation Board of Directors issued the first scholarship from the General Fund in June, 2012. A substantial majority of the funds collected during each 12-month period is applied toward scholarships that are issued each spring. The balance of collected funds is used to build the endowment for future scholarships. Current application criteria are determined at the discretion of the Orange County High School scholarship selection committee with an emphasis placed on providing for needs not described in other scholarships. The application criteria may be amended in the future as additional specific scholarships are created by grantors.

Past Recipients

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2015_OCEFGeneral_DBarbee2015 – Danae Barbee

The 2014-15 OCEF General Fund Scholarship was awarded to Danae Barbee by OCEF Board member Martha Roby. The General Fund Scholarship, which is now in its fourth year, has grown from $1,000 when it was first awarded in 2012 to $5,000 in each of the past three years.

“I was listening to the description of this scholarship and thought, ‘wow that’s a lot of money,’ and then I heard my name called,” said Barbee. “I was shocked and so grateful. This will make such a big difference in my future.”

2014 OCEFGeneral Scholarship - Evan Baines2014 – Evan Baines

The Foundation’s two-year-old General Fund Scholarship was awarded to Evan Baines by OCEF Board member Pam Frederick. The General Fund Scholarship has grown from $1,000 when it was first awarded in 2012 to $5,000 in each of the past two years.

“I was definitely shocked when they called my name on Senior Night and said that I had received the $5,000 OCEF General Scholarship. My jaw hit the floor and my eyes grew wide with surprise,” said Baines. “I actually lost my breath for a second. I am extremely grateful and blessed to have received it, especially since I have been worried about paying for college. I am attending George Mason University in the fall to study criminology and/or political science. This scholarship will greatly help me and my family with paying for my education and will relieve a lot of stress we have been feeling.”

2013 OCEF General - Dale Jackson2013 – Dale Jackson

Dale Jackson, pictured with OCEF Board member Jonathan Chasen, received the OCEF General Fund Scholarship. Dale plans to attend George Mason University. When asked how he felt about winning the award he responded, “This award will help my parents. It will help my whole family. I want to go into homeland security. I’ll need so many certifications. They are so expensive and add so much to the cost. This scholarship is a big help.”

2012 OCEF General - David Alvarez2012 – David Alvarez

​David Alvarez received the first-ever Orange County Education Foundation General Scholarship from Jonathan Chasen, OCEF Board member, during the Orange County High School Senior Awards Night program on June 4, 2012. “It means so much to me that the scholarship comes from the teachers (and other staff members),” Alvarez said. “They helped me in so many ways all through the years and now they are helping me reach my goal to be a nurse.”