Orange County Education Foundation Fund for Innovative Teaching Recipients 2013

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2013TIG - Steve ArrudaSteve Arruda, Locust Grove Primary School (LGPS) librarian, What Does This Word Mean?

Mr. Arruda will use his $240 grant to purchase five Kindles, three with TIG funds and two with LGPS Library funds. He intends to utilize the Kindle’s embedded dictionary to enhance several current lesson plans intended to move students closer to digital citizenship through the introduction to and use of the Kindles. “This will help our students to move through reading materials so much more quickly,” Arruda told Foundation Board members. “They will build strong comprehension skills and gain fluency. This is a major research tool for primary age children.” Mr. Arruda is pictured with his students and members of the OCEF Board (in the back row from left to right): Tim Ferguson, Bryan Hargett, Arruda, Jonathan Chasen, Sam Kessler and Bill Hepler.

2013TIG - Rose DevaneyRosemarie Devaney, LGES, Proud to be Me

Ms. Devaney will use her $250 grant to purchase self-care curriculum materials that will promote each child’s sense of personal pride and dignity. In a related pilot program conducted previously, Ms. Devaney found that young girls began to dress more appropriately and took more pride in their appearance. “The OCEF has been so generous,” Devaney told the Foundation Board team. “Oh my goodness! Thank you.” Mrs. Devaney is pictured with her students and OCEF Board members (in the back row from left to right): Sam Kessler, Byan Hargett, Jonathan Chasen and Tim Ferguson.

2013TIG - Thomas DixonThomas Dixon, Orange County High School (OCHS), Ukuleles in the Classroom

Mr. Dixon will use his $223 grant to purchase student and teacher books and materials to support a ukulele instruction program. He believes the program will introduce students to an easy-to-learn entry-level instrument. He hopes the introductory program will encourage students to continue to play the ukulele as a lifetime hobby. Mr. Dixon(left) is pictured with his students.

2013TIG_Emily-DriverEmily Driver, Locust Grove Middle School (LGMS)science teacher, Sea Perch/Engineering

Ms. Driver will use her $250 grant to purchase soldering kits to support an engineering curriculum she has implemented during the LGMS remediation and enrichment block. The kits also will support students who participate in the LGMS competitive robotics program. Ms. Driver is pictured with LGMS principal Kim Crandall (left).

2013TIG - Jessica GravesJessica Graves, Lightfoot Elementary School (LES) teacher, Web2.0/Library 2.0.

Ms. Graves will use her $203 grant to purchase software and subscriptions to support 21st century library skills. She intends to promote reading achievement through book trailers and quick response codes, and expand opportunities for students to engage in digital storytelling. Ms. Graves is pictured with OCEF Board members Bryan Hargett (left) and Jonathan Chasen (right).

2013TIG - John LentineJohn Lentine, Locust Grove Primary School, Hey, Look at Me! The Brag Board

Mr. Lentine will use his $250 grant to purchase materials to create six-panel display boards to showcase student work. The boards will be used by students to present their artistic interpretations to their peers and other audiences. “I was very surprised when the award crew burst into my classroom with the good news, and it takes a lot to surprise me!” Lentine said. “Children not only need to be literate in reading books, but also in reading visual art. Brag boards will provide a simple, easy and portable way to display student art.” Mr. Lentine is pictured with his students and OCEF Board members (background from left to right) Bryan Hargett, Jonathan Chasen, Bill Hepler, Lentine, Tim Ferguson and Sam Kessler and ex-officio member Lou Thompson.

2013TIG - Sharon MohrmannSharon Mohrmann, Orange Elementary School, Where in the World is Orange County?

Ms. Mohrmann will use her $250 grant to purchase poster board and hand-held GPS devices. She will provide the GPS devices to 4th grade Virginia Studies students who will use them to locate significant Orange County sites. Students will then enter the sites on a Google Earth fusion table so “people from around the world can learn more about historical events that happened in Orange County.” Mohrmann’s students were using her very limited supply of devices when the Foundation team arrived in her classroom. “This grant will help me purchase more GPS devices and we’ll learn about longitude and latitude,” she said. “We’ll put Orange County on the map!”

2013TIG - Todd PhilippTodd Philipp, Prospect Heights Middle School (PHMS), Mathalicious

Mr. Philipp will use his $185 grant to purchase a license to the Mathalicious website. The site provides web-based math lessons intended to create learning opportunities for students that are more rigorous and relevant. “I have used the free sample of the Mathalicious curriculum with good success,” Philipp said. “Now I can purchase it and it can be a substantial part of instruction.” Mr. Phillip is pictured with OCEF Board Members (from left to right) Bryan Hargett, Tim Ferguson, Lou Thompson (Ex-Officio Member), Sam Kessler, Mr. Phillip, Jonathan Chasen, and Bill Hepler.

2013TIG - Lorraine RyanLorraine Ryan, OCHS, Free Lance Star Writing Contest

Ms. Ryan will use her $250 grant to support the costs of field trips and guest speakers intended to encourage writing. Her journalism class will visit the Fredericksburg Free Lance Star and conduct a conversation with a member of the new staff. “To actually win a grant validates my love for writing and for young people, as they try to make sense of this world through writing and photography,” Ryan said. “The funds will help with equipment and opportunities to further the cause of ethical journalism.”

2013TIG - Melissa StraussMichelle Straus, Orange Elementary School (OES), Adopt a Stream

Ms. Straus will use her $250 grant to purchase water monitoring materials and use a Department of Inland Fisheries curriculum to provide students with field studies opportunities related to life science. “Now we can purchase boots so that our students can participate in the Inland Wildlife and Fisheries Save our Streams program,” Straus said. “We’ll do real field studies and collect real data to share with real scientists.” Mrs. Straus is pictured with her students and OCEF Board members (back row from left to right): Bryan Hargett, Tim Ferguson, Sam Kessler, and Jonathan Chasen.