Orange County Education Foundation Fund for Innovative Teaching Recipients 2015

Press Release

Grade Pre-K – 2 Cluster

Jennifer OrtmanJennifer Ortman, Locust Grove Primary School (LGPS), I Excel with

Ms. Ortman will use her $200 grant to allow students access to online math instruction both in the classroom and at home.

Sherri McGheeSherri McGhee, LGPS, Ready, Read, Succeed

Mrs. McGhee will use her $300 grant to enhance reading instruction for English Language Learners. The grant will be used to purchase books on CDs and portable CD players giving the students access to both oral and written language.

Grade 3- 5 Cluster

Allison WormuthAllison Wormuth, Lightfoot Elementary School (LES), Non-Fiction Kindle e-Readers

Mrs. Wormuth will use her $300 grant to provide quality reading materials to her students by building an electronic classroom library. The grant will be used to purchase Kindles and electronic books.

Michelle OhmkeMichelle Oehmke and Wendi Wolfrey, LES, Timberwolves Making Tracks

Ms. Oehmke and Mrs. Wolfrey will use their $300 grant to promote physical fitness with every student at LES.

 Grade 6- 8 Cluster

Nancy VasiNancy Vasi, Prospect Heights Middle School (PHMS), Crime Scene Investigations

Mrs. Vasi will use her $215 grant to help her students to have hands-on learning experiences and to see how science is used in real life.

Ashley AgeeAshley Agee, PHMS, Fraction Games and Manipulatives

Ms. Agee will use her $300 grant to purchase math manipulatives to help her students understand fractions and other math concepts.

 High School Cluster

Nora ColemanNora Coleman, Orange County High School (OCHS), Building Multicultural Competencies

Mrs. Coleman will use her $300 grant to fund a field study at UVA’s Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Museum and a world cuisine cooking class at the Lorna Sundberg International Center. These opportunities will challenge the Equity and Diversity Club members to step outside their own world viewpoint and learn about other cultures.

Walter-BryantWalter Bryant, Alternative Education, Release the Imagination Through Art

Mr. Bryant will use his $225 grant to inspire creativity and build critical thinking skills in his classroom.

 Teacher Innovation Grant (TIG) Committee Choice


Jessica JohnsonJessica Johnson, LGPS, STEM Lab

Ms. Johnson will use her $300 grant to create an area where teachers can find materials to promote hands-on learning. The lab will be stocked with consumable supplies and lesson plans ready to build concepts, strengthen critical thinking, and enrich core content instruction.

Megan AylorMegan Aylor, LGPS, Bag It and They will Come!

Ms. Aylor will use her $300 grant to compliment the STEM Lab, in that it will provide the supplies for “Brown Bag” projects. Each bag will contain an engineering brief and the materials necessary to fulfill the requirements of the brief. The grant also includes provisions for staff development designed to integrate engineering into the core curriculum.

Judges’ Choice

Jenny PotterJenny Potter, Orange Elementary School (OES), The Golden Paw Book Club

Mrs. Potter will use her $500 grant to strengthen her students’ literacy skills. This program provides books and journals for students to use at home and in school. It strengthens the home school connection while building skills in both reading and writing.

Eminence in Education or Triple I (Involve, Inspire, Innovate) Grant

Anita Marshall AleoAnita Marshall-Aleo, Unionville Elementary School (UES), You’ve Got Mail

Mrs. Marshall-Aleo will use her $1000.00 grant to fund a summer reading program. The program is designed to offset the summer reading loss by mailing paperback books to the students’ homes. Bringing the school and family together to inspire a love of reading will go a long way toward building strong reading skills and strengthening the home school partnership.