Jane Gwyn Robertson Zimmermann Scholarship Application

Instructions for submitting an application for the Jane Gwyn Robertson Zimmermann Scholarship:

Step 1:
Complete the Online Application


Step 2: Please copy the following documents and submit them to the Orange County High School Guidance Counseling Center after submission of the on-line application:

  • Copy of FAFSA Award Letter/Student Aid Report
  • Copy of any Financial Aid Awarded by a College or University
  • An Unofficial Copy of SAT/ACT Scores


TIPS on filling out online application:

There are several short answer and essay questions included in the application. It is suggested that you type your responses to these in a word processing program such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs and then copy and paste the responses into the application.

Below is the list of short answer and essay questions:

  • List all school activities in which you participated.
  • List your volunteer/work experience.
  • Please indicate why you have chosen teaching as your career field.
  • Please tell us about any other ways you plan to financially contribute to your education if applicable. This can include having a job on or off campus/savings you currently have/ working during the summer, etc.
  • How has residing in Orange County impacted your decision to attend a college or university? (1000 words max.)